Walkthrough & Guides FAR CRY 2 PC

Guides FAR CRY 2 PC
We’ve got everything you need to conquer Far Cry 2’s expansive game world. You’ll find general strategies for combat, weapons, and stealth tips, a complete walk-through of the story missions (including alternate objectives), a rundown of the optional arms dealer and assassination missions, locations of Jackal Tapes and Golden AK-47s, and XBox 360 Achievements and PlayStation 3 Trophies.
Far Cry 2 game guide includes:
  • General Strategies: Check here for some vital strategies before exploring the Far Cry 2 world. We’ve included combat and weapon tips, stealth strategies, and how to improve your weapons and vehicles.
  • Story Walk-through: We’ve compiled a complete walk-through of the Far Cry 2 story mode. You’ll find tips on how to approach and assault certain mission encounters.
  • Underground Missions:As your malaria sickness grows, complete the underground missions to get medicine.
  • Arms Dealer Missions: Complete the optional arms dealer missions to unlock more powerful weapons.
  • Assassination Missions: This section provides tips on completing all of the optional assassination missions.
  • Jackal Tapes and Golden AK-47s: Get locations for Jackal Tapes and Golden AK-47s located in both the northern and southern districts.
  • Multiplayer Tips: Look here for tips on each multiplayer class and tips for effective combat, team organization, and offensive and defensive strategy.


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